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Substance Free 02043 is a podcast whose mission is to reduce substance use among youth through the use of personal stories, current information and educational topics.
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The Principal of a recovery high school in Boston talks about their innovative program.
JULY 19, 2023
Roger Oser has been the principal of the William J. Ostiguy High School in Boston for the past 17 years, incorporating his extensive background working with youth to his role. Ostiguy High is a recovery high school that was founded by Willie Ostiguy, ...
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NBA Basketball star turns from addiction to recovery and establishes a program to help others.
JUNE 28, 2023
Chris Herren is known for playing in the NBA for teams like the Boston Celtics, but he was a basketball phenom starting at a young age. Chris broke records; he had a book written about him when he was just 16; and he attended Boston College on a full schol...
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A local mom warns of the deadly nature of combining prescription drugs with alcohol after losing her son.
JUNE 02, 2023
Genny Soper lost her son one night in what she calls "an accident that was completely avoidable." Clay had just finished his freshman year of college and was at a party. He texted his mom to say he was going to stay the night and even joked with&nbs...
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